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Falcon 7X aircraft purchased new from factory for corporate client with structured Air Fleet guidance to delivery



While the chosen aircraft may be in a configuration generally acceptable to the new owner, rarely is the colour scheme and interior d├ęcor of the previous owner completely satisfactory. The opportunity may therefore be taken to re-paint the aircraft exterior and refurbish its interior immediately following acquisition, reflecting the new owner's precise taste and needs. Avionics, security, communications and entertainment systems may also be simultaneously upgraded as required.

Preliminary designs can be reviewed and decisions made well in advance of the purchase completion, with a suitable facility having also been identified and a slot booked for the required work to be accomplished. While there are a number of competent facilities from which to choose to undertake required works, particularly in the United States, all such refurbishment conducted must be in compliance with the certification requirements of the aviation authority of the country of registration and with the facility having been pre-approved and certified by the specific authority. If an aircraft is acquired in the United States, work can often be more easily conducted in accordance with US certification requirements prior to being exported/imported to the new host nation.

While undergoing painting and refurbishment, it is essential to have a technical representative present throughout to ensure quality and detail.

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