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Private jet aircraft fall into four main categories:

  • Entry-level and light jets (aimed primarily at the private owner/pilot and family)
  • Mid-size and medium range jets (providing a stand-up cabin)
  • Super mid-size, long range jets
  • Global range jets

The principal manufacturers compete against each other in each of the categories, with brochure specification, cabin amenities, performance, and costs of ownership and operation being very similar. 

Certain types do, however, inevitably hold re-sale values better.  Others may have peculiar design issues, perhaps over-complex systems or known high component failure rates in service, possibly recurring faults or a requirement for excessive inspections.  Also, while each of the major manufacturers is well represented worldwide, certainly for marketing purposes, some are better than others at providing technical support and spares globally.  Some warranties are certainly better than others.

Key elements in choosing an aircraft are:

  • Mission requirement (range, accommodation, passenger and baggage capacity)
  • Performance limitations (if any, specific to routes and airfields to be used)
  • Quality of build and finish to desired specification
  • Reliability record in service
  • Technical and spares support in service
  • Lead time from order to delivery
  • Overall value against competing types
  • Ability to finance the purchase
  • Resale value

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