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With the personal jet, opportunities are not missed as a consequence of such delays and missed connections, as there simply aren’t any.  The user sets the schedule.  If the passengers are early, the flight takes off early. If passengers are delayed, the aircraft waits as long as necessary.  Changes in schedule or destination, at the last minute or even mid-flight, can be accommodated with ease.   Image, privacy and security are enhanced.

Frequently operating into secondary airports much closer to their final destination, passengers are whisked through formalities quickly and discreetly, often being able to leave the airport within minutes of landing. Private terminals may be used, apart from airline passengers and the associated delays.  Meanwhile, the aircraft itself provides a completely private and secure environment for on-board business, communications, wining and dining, or simply resting en route in comfortable and familiar surroundings.  Safety procedures, training and maintenance standards can be established to match those of the world’s best airlines. 

With significantly reduced travel fatigue and stress, efficiency and productivity improve dramatically.

The private jet is today considered an essential part of the business equipment of corporations, governments and individuals, having long proved its worth in its contribution to business efficiency in providing the facility for management to operate with greater flexibility and cost effectiveness.  

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