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Challenger 604 sourced, acquired, finance arranged, and flight department established by Air Fleet for international oil industry client



Safety is the overriding priority for all our operations.

We do not believe that there are different operating and - thus by definition - safety standards for commercial and private flights, operating at all times to the highest standards in full accordance with our carefully defined written procedures.  

AIR FLEET employs a total quality management ethos to its business and flying operations, with high standards of corporate governance and attention to detail. A continuous internal audit programme identifies areas of non-conformance with the Company’s own procedures and any other areas of concern, with necessary corrective actions recorded and recommendations identified and followed up.

All Company operations, pre-flight, loading, manoeuvring, engineering and maintenance procedures are governed within Operations and other manuals prepared on a 'safety first’ principle. Manuals are constantly reviewed and updated to take account of considered changes to best practice and fully comply with the requirements of EASA and other principal aviation regulators.

A number of separate competency checks are routinely performed to meet regulatory requirements and assure standards. Training files are maintained on all aircrew, engineering, operations and other personnel.

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