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Challenger 604 sourced, acquired, finance arranged, and flight department established by Air Fleet for international oil industry client



Private Client Aircraft Management

AIR FLEET expertly handles all matters relating to the safe, professional, regulatory compliant and efficient operation of your aircraft, including:

  • Flight operations and maintenance management to highest quality ethos
  • Flight and cabin crew assessment, vetting, selection and employment
  • Initial and re-current crew flight training, safety and emergency training,
    service training
  • Cover for scheduled crew leave and illness
  • Maintenance to OEM criteria and beyond, employing highest airline standards
  • Timely scheduling of maintenance, providing maximum aircraft availability to the owner
  • Safe flight dispatch, documentation, continuous flight-watch down route
  • Airline-standard operating manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Comprehensive security programme
  • VIP on-board service, gourmet flight catering and on-board amenities
  • Base and outstation fuel and handling arrangements
  • Diplomatic clearances, airport slots
  • Concierge service and additional ground arrangements
  • Fleet insurance, contract fuel, training and other benefits
  • UK CAA (EASA), US FAA, Bermuda, Cayman and Isle of Man registries
  • Complete management of costs within agreed budgets
  • Discretion and security a constant priority
  • Personal point of contact 24/7 (in preferred language)
  • Detailed weekly reporting and full accounting transparency


  • Dedicated and expert rotary operations team


  • Global operations support for remote basing to meet precise client needs
  • Flight operations across all continents and time zones
  • Solid working relationships over many years with key service providers


  • We understand that every client has precise personal requirements
  • Attention to detail in all areas
  • Working with you as your own private flight department

Turnkey Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft definition and selection

  • Review of needs and identification of the optimum aircraft type to meet precise requirements

Survey and acquisition

  • Complete project management
  • Evaluation of competing individual aircraft to determine ‘best buys’ in current marketplace
  • Handling of conditional offer documentation
  • Escrow arrangements through bonded escrow agents
  • Thorough technical survey and ‘back to birth’ log book review
  • Overseeing proper transfer of title in relevant jurisdiction
  • Liaison with client’s counsel and financiers

Registration and licensing

  • Registration of aircraft in new name in selected jurisdiction
  • Licensing matters

Interior and exterior refurbishment

  • Re-design and refurbishment of interior to new owner requirements
  • Avionics and equipment upgrades
  • Project management of refit and refurbishment on-site
  • Exterior livery change

Insurance arrangements

  • Fleet insurance arrangements

Finance arrangements

  • Assistance with financing documentation (and introductions where appropriate)

Crew selection, appointment and training

  • Definition of qualifications, experience and personal attributes
  • Short listing, interview, flight assessment and participation in selection
  • Terms of employment and reference
  • Coordination of additional and recurrent training requirements

Maintenance contractor qualification and selection

  • Determination of optimum maintenance base
  • Review, audit and selection of maintenance contractor(s)

Preparation of operational manuals and procedures

  • Establishment of defined best practice procedures to ensure safe and efficient operation

Security risk assessment and measures

  • Evaluation of risks; incorporation of recommended procedures; associated special measures

Hangarage, warranty management, spares support and fuel contracts

  • Contracted secure hangarage at base of operation
  • OEM warranty management
  • Spares support contracts
  • Contracts for fuel supply to ensure best available pricing

On-going operational management

  • Day-to-day management of all matters relating to the professional, safe, regulatory compliant, and efficient operation of aircraft
  • Responsibility for crew and employment issues, operating standards, re-current training, and cover for leave and illness, etc.
  • Responsibility for the proper maintenance of the aircraft to highest airline standards, monitoring of parts used, including timely scheduling of maintenance so as to provide maximum aircraft availability
  • Safe flight dispatch, paperwork, flight-watch, outstation handling arrangements, diplomatic clearances, airport slots and catering

Budget planning & control

  • Complete management of costs within agreed budgets

Acquisitions, trades & disposals

    • Discrete handling of subsequent changes
    • Project management of future aircraft acquisitions, trades and disposals
    • Considered advice throughout

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