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AIR FLEET private aviation specialists are totally committed to excellence, nothing less, with the skills to be effective in today’s environment and to the highest possible standards of customer service, safety, security and quality management.

A small, dedicated and uncompromising team of professional administrators, pilots and engineers based across the globe, each with extensive experience over many years of successfully managing key aspects of complex multi-faceted commercial and private flight operations in all environments.

The team has experience in the ownership, management, operation and maintenance of all principal Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Citation, Embraer, Falcon, Gulfstream and Hawker models, together with all Agusta, Bell, Eurocopter and Sikorsky helicopters, and been engaged in global VIP and corporate aviation at the highest level since the early ‘eighties.

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AIR FLEET provides discreet, safe, secure and expert turnkey aircraft management solutions, to meet the precise needs of a small number of discerning international clients.

The private jet is today considered an essential part of the business equipment of corporations, governments and individuals, having long proved its worth in its contribution to business efficiency in providing the facility for management to operate with greater flexibility and cost effectiveness. Everything you need to know about private aircraft use explained.

AIR FLEET offers an unparalleled expertise in the selection, acquisition and subsequent operation of business jets

AIR FLEET expertly handles all matters relating to the safe, professional, regulatory compliant and efficient operation of your aircraft.

Welcome to our web-site.  We hope that you will find it both interesting and informative.   

A comprehensive level of operations support provided to owners and operators worldwide.

We guide the entire process through completion specification, avionics selection and negotiation of best terms, affording the client the advantage of an unbiased in-house adviser on his or her side of the table throughout.

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