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Professional aircraft management organisations such as AIR FLEET take responsibility for the legal, safe, competent and cost-effective operation of private aircraft and are experts in the intricacies of global aircraft operations, in particular maintenance, crewing, flight planning, dispatch and flight watch.  

Required maintenance is planned in advance so as not to impede owner’s use and conducted by a carefully selected maintenance organisation, supervised and verified by the management organisation to have been properly undertaken and within a controlled budget.  The aircraft will be kept airworthy and clean, stocked and ready for flight at all times, while also kept fully secure.

Pilots and other crewmembers will have been carefully selected having taken into account not only legal and licensing matters, but also aptitude, discretion, experience and ability, in addition to suitability for secure corporate operations. Crew training and testing will be conducted regularly and standards constantly monitored.  The operator must also have in place specific written operations and training procedures and manuals, constantly reviewed and updated following best practice.  Back-up crew will be available to cover for training, for planned leave and unscheduled illness, and all staff employment, training, uniform, medical, taxation and benefit issues will be handled by the operator.

The operator’s base operations staff will organise fuel contracts to ensure global availability at best (airline) contract rates, monitor fuel uplifts and billing, ensure up-to-date navigation charts are available and used, review aircraft airfield and route performance, file flight plans and slot requests, coordinate handling agents and arrange catering, crew transport and accommodation.  Constantly monitoring the progress of all flights, and where schedules change, arrangements updated and followed through to ensure a seamless operation throughout.

Invoices for maintenance, fuel, hangarage and parking charges, landing fees, navigation services, charts, catering, aircraft cleaning, crew accommodation and crew transport will be verified and passed for payment, the owner receiving one simple, itemised account for each month.

Where required by the owner, the operator will facilitate the legal charter to third parties to offset ownership costs, and/or inter-company cost-centre billing.

AIR FLEET’s core management team offers well in excess of 200 years of combined global aviation, airline and aircraft flight operations experience, with thorough and comprehensive knowledge and experience of the international VIP and corporate aviation sector and the safe, cost-effective operation of large transport aircraft.

All Company operations, pre-flight, loading, manoeuvring, engineering and maintenance procedures are governed by defined written procedures within Operations and other manuals prepared on a 'safety first’ principle. Constantly reviewed and updated to take account of considered changes to best practice, Operations and Maintenance Manuals fully comply with the requirements of EASA and other principal aviation regulators.

A loyal team of professionally trained employees is committed to providing clients with a reliable, on time aircraft management and where applicable charter service of the highest possible standards, portraying an absolute quality and safety ethos.

Our Operations Control Centre in London provides 24-hour telephone and e-mail communications, airline experienced Duty Operations Officer coverage, a server-based computer network for flight planning, weather, slot application, crew training and flight-time records, aircraft flight and technical records, inventory tracking, accounting, and normal office functions, complete with a direct link to the European Slot Control Centre in Brussels.  Facilities and equipment are continually developed, modernised or replaced as required.

All our personnel speak English, and some are additionally fluent in several languages including Arabic, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish. 

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