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A private jet aircraft is very much like one’s personal office or home study and owners can create an environment that meets solely personal requirements and preferences.

One or more carefully selected, professional, highly qualified, experienced and multi-lingual flight attendants will provide unobtrusive yet quietly attentive service, serving meals and wines to one’s taste at times to suit, while ensuring every courtesy and comfort for guests.

Menus are specifically created and bars stocked to one’s requirements. Dining may be formal, with crisp white linen, fine bone china, crystal and silverware (not plastic!), with restaurant-quality gourmet catering, allowing the entertainment of guests in comfort and privacy. Alternatively, it may be totally informal while the principal and colleagues delve into paperwork and strategise or perhaps make urgent telephone calls.

The cabin quickly becomes an office, living room, dining room or bedroom, a comfortable ‘home-from-home’. Favourite books, newspapers and magazines will be on board, while favourite DVDs, CDs and games may be played on customised entertainment systems. There may be a wardrobe with a change of clothes, possibly even a shower in the private washroom. Above all, it’s whatever the owner wants it to be.

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