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AIR FLEET specialists are available to manage all aspects of aircraft completion, from original client specification and avionics selection, through supporting detailed design in conjunction with OEM and completion centre teams, to overseeing work quality and cost control to delivery.


AIR FLEET specialists are also available to manage all aspects of the refurbishment of pre-owned aircraft, from original client specification and avionics upgrade definition, through supporting detailed design in conjunction with engineering teams, to overseeing work quality and cost control to re-delivery.


With many years of experience of actual aircraft transactions, AirFleet is well positioned to report on fair market value for all private aircraft types from the smallest Citation up to the largest Boeing.


Our entire team, together with additional specialists from our associated companies, is at client disposal to advise on any aspect of aircraft ownership and operation.


The AIR FLEET team has in-depth experience in structuring contract air services in all theatres of operation worldwide - particularly in the corporate travel, oil and gas industry support, and medivac sectors.


Our expertise in aircraft sourcing, acquisition, financing, introduction into service and technical management allows us to offer expert solutions for most aircraft leasing needs, including ACMI.


AIR FLEET takes total responsibility for client charter needs, whether adhoc, contract or to provide back-up for own fleet, working with carefully selected operators of all principal aircraft types and models around the world to ensure that our clients are provided with only the very best available aircraft and crew to meet their precise requirements. 

Not all operators are the same.  We ensure that those engaged to fly our clients meet our own highest audit standards in terms of licensing, quality and safety management, flight operations, maintenance, operating and training procedures, pilot qualifications and experience, crew flight and duty time limitations, insurance and security provisions, while on-board service and catering standards must also be second to none.  Sub-chartering is strictly prohibited unless previously approved in writing by the parties.


AIR FLEET has a dedicated team of experienced helicopter specialists, able to provide a complete capability for aircraft sourcing and operations management. We will only operate multi-engined, full IFR-equipped aircraft, with all operations conducted to commercial OPS3 standards.


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